Comments on Sayspel from multinational qualified teachers of English, members of the Simplified Spelling Society of the U.K. and the American Literacy Council in New York.

Chris Upward 
I must say, I generally like the look of Sayspel.
Chris Kiwi
Sayspel, I salute Roy’s work.
Timothy Travis
It looks really good.
Robert Bromley
I found your views most interesting.
Jerry Spellriyter
That’s a cool spelling style. I like your use of ii.
Joe Little
Terrific (referring to the Sayspel website)
Joe Little
All you say has tremendous merit.
John J.Reilly
That is a very good website.
Tom Zurinskas
Marvellous site.
Kate Gladstone
What a terrific article: Ariba - Abajo.
Jean Hutchins
Sayspel converter software is brilliant
Marga Zips
Gee it’s amazing what you have done.
Gabrielle Bauer
I like the dropping of unstressed vowels.
Steve Bett
I find Sayspel very easy to read.
Marga Zips
Your version makes absolute sense.
Valerie Yule
Congratulations on a very good looking book.
Ed Rondthaler
It miet be iedeel, but too hard for prezent reeders.
Theo Halladay
Sayspel, my reaction quite positive. I like the double i.
Paul Stought
I hav no problum reeding Sayspel.
Rollo Reid
I wish I had yor convertr. Yor site is wonderful.
Adrian Alphohziel
Amazing! It’s just what is needed
Kate Gladstone
I too very much admire Roy’s material.
Sam Silverman
Sayspel has many advantages to offer.
Steve Bett
I commend Roy on mastering digraph and diacritics.
Jennifer Bayer
“Fantastic” Sayspel alphabet wall chart Spelcon.
Niall Waldmann
“Fantastic” Spelcon, books and wall chart.
Sam Silverman
I think your system is the best.
Theo Halladay
Your system is indeed a neat and clear one.
Valerie Yule
Roy makes some excellent points in his exposition.
Steve Bett
Roy has found the best symbols.
Jack Bovill 
A solution extensively researched and trialed.
Pete Boardman
‘Audio’. Exelant! The adishn of a childs voys is terific.
A.Fraser Hobday
Your Sayspel seems promising.
Antony Sexton
Th cnvurtr; veri clevr nd a lot ov fun.
I think it (Sayspel) points the way forward for all of us.
Britta Wissinger
As a dyslexic, Sayspel is helping me greatly.
Pete Boardman
New learners would have no problem with the scheme.
INDC Toudnal
Sayspel only god know how you write so good posts.
Kuching Sarawak
Your site is very cognitive. You will have a good future.
The site is pretty good. The system is very easy to read.
Gus Haselquist
Sayspel converter, a terrrific tool, the best I’ve ever seen.
Jim Dotzler
If Sayspel should be the basis of reform. I will eagerly embrace it.
Gus Haselquist
I think u hv a trific syt bilo! Kep up d gud wrk.
Sam Silverman
Your creativity is admirable.
Christopher Brown
As the universal language of communication.Sayspel is my choice.
Zhang Lexiang
A great solution to spelling problems. Music and stories, wonderful.
Joe Noaalf
Excellent work, the sound is clear, pages are colourful and clearly written, work without MS Windows hassle, charts are easy to read.
Jean Beach
Particularly impressed with the book (dictionary)
A. Alexander 
I’ve long regarded Sayspel as one of the best spelling schemes.
Jurgen Barth
Traditional English orthography is unnecessarily complex, at times illogical, even chaotic. Roy Blain‘s brainchild, the brilliantly engineered Sayspel, offers an easy, logical and orderly alternative. Give yourself permission: use it and tell others!
Micheal Punter
I see that yorz is definutli th best sistm so far.
Pierre Demaer
I looked at Sayspel and I like the regularity/logic of it.
Jack Bovill
It looks beautiful.
Pierre Demaere
I like the logical aspect of your system and the creation of a converter. I am glad that you designed and created this. I hope this can be endorsed by many people and hopefully be adopted soon for the sake of millions of children around the world.
Steve Bett
Sayspel does a good Job of demonstrating what a practical orthography look like.
08.11.10 Langenscheidt
Rebecka Howe
It is amazing to see how you can simplify spelling and as a result pronouncing words. We are sure that a lot of teachers would like to tra it out with their learners.
23.12.10 Diane Frank Roy 'Dyslexics' was eloquently put! This would look nice as a homepage.
23.10.10 Jack Bovill Very impressed with the professionalism and high  profile of the Sayspel stand.
14.04.11 Gus Hasselquist Thanks Roy for the brochure. You certainly did an excellent job in producing it.
20.04.11 Joe Little Astounding work as always; u're an army of one....
U are a credit to reform like nobody since Noah Webster & Ed Rondthaler. Bloody brilliant.

Paris Février 2008

Je trouve le principe très intéressant avec application à prévoir dans les dictionnaires bilingues. Very interesting principle which in the future should be applied to bilingual dictionaries.
Jessica Cherubin
Sayspel seems to be a very interesting and useful way for people to learn and use English.
Claire Elmes
Sayspel will work great with children!
Shijun Naour
Sayspel is a very useful spelling system. I shall use it in my school.
Ronald Kenyon
Understood the value and usefulness of Sayspel immediately. I wish you much success.
Good Idea. The method seems easy for students who are reluctant to read/speak.
A.Marie Baverel
An interesting idea to help children with learning difficulties with English spelling.
Ms Lin
Make Sayspel a parallel language of classical English. But to replace it will be a radical idea
Mrs Tardy
Maybe a good idea!
Henri Gaubier
Could be a good way to begin. And to tackle the spelling problems."
D. M. Lagardette
I like the idea of teaching and learning pronounciation in a sure different way and most of all a way that children can understand easily as well as adults.
Phillipe Abadie
Sayspel is a useful tool to help students master traditional English.
Mili Zapp
Go on, simplify the old English language of Shakespeare!
Emilie Lalaux
May be interesting. I'm going to discuss that with my phonetics teachers and the university. Will tell you his/her answers.
Tanja Nel
Good introduction to the English language, not quite sure whether it would really be able to replace traditional english soon.
Anne Boulle
Discover this amazing Sayspel spelling system!
J. Louis Taffarelli
Sayspel seems to be an interesting experiment.
Caroline Wells
Very good programme for teaching young learners. Would work well especially in Asia.
Huy Tran
I am very interested in this!
Jaques Idier
Bought the material for my children "
Oliver Colin
This method can be very effective in France.
Meloe Jadaud
It's a good way to learn how to speak English and not just learn to write it. It is a new method.
Specht Mehdi
Le CD est super.
Chris Dabrowski
Sayspel is an interesting alternative to traditional IPA. Good Luck!
I think this could help students because the symbols are easier than the international system.
Luis Fernandez
I want to learn English with this system.
Grieten Koen
Ce système allie visuel et oral. Ca rend l’anglais accessible et ludique. L’aspect punchy fait qu’on le retient plus facilement. This system combines the visual and the oral. It makes English more accessible and clearer. The ‚punchy‘ aspect means that you retain things easier.
Deanna Gao
Make contacts to Chinese embassies and British Councils!
Ian Esslemont
Excellent concept! Could be used for many other languages!
Zekri Khalid
Very interesting process, but I am afraid about the connexion between spelling and orthography. Good Luck!
Zhu JianRen
I'm Chinese. It is a very good CD! I think it will help me a lot.
Targe Stéphanie
Great ! Super, ludique et révolutionnaire. GREAT! Super, clear and revolutionary
Christian Joli
Very interesting idea. It should be publicated.
Patricia Gavin
Very interesting concept. I will send you the name of an organisation in America which teaches English spelling. Good luck and we will keep an eye on your website.
Kamara Sidiki
It is a very good idea for children, parents, teachers for all countries. Good Luck!!
Nadia Grime
Sun Mao
This software is very useful. We can travel all of the world!
Julien Bonnac
The software makes it much easier to learn languages. My opinion it should be delivered to pupils to help them to pronounce words correctly.
David Howarth
Very good idea! Maybe one day it will replace English! Thank you!!
Sheila Tremaud
I like the idea which obviously is needed in English learning for the future.
Cohen Clement
Revolutionary method! Very interesting!
Andrew Hayward
Interesting idea. I used some of these ideas myself already. Looking forward to reading the instruction manual.
Armand Bemer
A new Utopia or a promising revolution in the evolution of English.
Jay Anne et
Daval Regine
Sayspel Aide à la prononciation anglaise. Sayspel helps to pronounce English
Wells Christophe
Très intéressant – surtout pour les jeunes qui souhaitent effectuer un stage en entreprise en Angleterre. Very interesting - especially for young people who wish to do a training in an English company."
Veronique Gowman
To read easily, easier than international phonetics. Could be used to give technical instructions in a universal language.
Heike Moebhs
Dass die Aussprache der Englischen Wörter vereinfacht werden soll, finde ich sehr gut. Allerdings wird es noch ein weiter Weg sein dies wirklich durchzusetzen. Wenn Kinder dies schnell lernen, können sie sich sehr schnell an Sayspel gewöhnen. That the pronunciation of English is simplified, I find very good. Nevertheless it will be a long way to go until it is accepted. When children learn it quickly, they can get used to Sayspel quickly.
Berthelot Michaël
Cela m’a l’air très intéressant pour connaître la bonne phonétique à utiliser lorsque l’on parle anglais. Very interesting in terms of the correct phonetics to use in speaking English.
Peter Hadden
Alternative to IPA for learners. Great improvement!
Derouff Alexandre
Logiciel proposant une solution nouvelle adaptée pour des étudiants n’ayant pas beaucoup de vocabulaire. Peut s’adapter aux plus jeunes jusqu’aux plus âgés. Software proposing a new approach adapted for pupils, with not much vocabulary. Is adaptable for the young and also older people.
Dossot Fabrice
Il était temps de renouer le système phonétique international. Bravo pour votre initiative qui va dans le sens d’une simplification de l’apprentissage de l’anglais pour les francophones. Merci pour votre accueil ! It is time to renew the international phonetics system. Your inititative is great since it simplifies the task of learning English for the French speaking people. Thank you for your welcome!
Gneble Marie-France
Je trouve très intéressant la possibilité d’autoformation que vous proposez à propos de la prononciation. C’est un outil qui permet de maîtriser à lui seul la prononciation correcte. Merci. I find the opportunity of self-training that you propose for pronunciation very interesting. It's a tool that would help you to master the pronunciation on your own. Thank you.
Mary Gratien
I think Sayspel is a very good way for beginners to learn English
Lozac'umeur Annie
Une très bonne idée pour les futurs profs de langue. C’est important que les étudiants commencent par maîtriser l’oral. A very good idea for future language teachers. It's important for those learning the language to start by having verbal command.
Très bonne utilisation du visuel. Méthode d'aquisition très rapide. Pense que le concept est bon pour le full web. Very good use of the visual aspect. Very swift method of acquisition. I think that the concept is good for full web.
Levy Charhenne
Pour les adultes, oui, pour les enfants- risque de confusion. For adults yes, for children a risk of confusion.
Elisa Schirmer
Interesse un public d'anseignant pour un niveau linguistique. Interesting for a teaching public for a linguistic level.

Paris Janvier 2009

It is very interesting idea which could work out for new learners.
Elsahfey Ezzat
Ce support linguistique est impescable je peux aprendre facilment la langue anglaise, surtout que ‘on y trouve la transcription (la prononciation) et la traduction en francais. Je vous remercie au non de tous ceux qui veulent apprendre l’anglais.
Fomina Ekaterina
Thanks a lot! It was really interesting, has to be introduced in English schools. Good luck!
Thomas Benjamin
Thanks very much for your explanations. Very interesting indeed!
Partice H. Bowen
As it has been strongly suggested/recommended several times in the past, due to the fact that English spelling/ pronunciation rules are specially hard for foreign learners, it is therefore of most necessity to reform English spelling one way or another, in order to make it easier to these poor pupils struggling with that language so that at the end it will be as easy as reading and writing Spanish.
Hunter James
A great idea for the English language is long overdone. Good luck with this project.
Hornez Nathalie
Quite amazing method. but apparently it works!
Koen Depreitere
It is a very good idea but you have to be fond of a philosophy where we forget about spelling completely.
Yvonne Mills
I’m interested and am beginning to be convinced by the method, especially as it includes a lovely colourful presentation on CD-ROM. I hope to use it with my students and if they enjoy the method, I will certainly pursue it further. Thanks for spending your time with me!
Jon Roonilien
This will come-we just wonder how fast?
Hua Sha
Sayspel is a great idea to help foreigners especially the ones who want to learn some ancient English as well! It makes English learning easier!
Lafazan Jerome
Apply this technique to beginners before they start learning wrong pronunciation!
Sylla Lucie
I have to work my pronunciation so I hope with Sayspel it will be better.
Barbara Veron
The way to the English of the Future- sms senders are reacting to reacting our written language so with Sayspel, we are ahead.
Girard Christopher
Une initiative tres interessante mais qui fait dispentaitre toute l’historie des mots qui appendait dens les ecriture initiale, en revenche une bonne methodes d’ apprendissage entertainement.
This sounds like a phantastic project especially traditional British language, however beautiful it is! Good luck!.
Manuel Pulleiro
I enjoy the time we spoke together. Since ”practice makes perfect”as you say, I ‘ll do my best to be able to transmit to my pupils what I’ve learnt today with you that what teaching is about.
Martina Baumann
Saapel is an interesting programme it’s true that it’s easier for children to learn how to pronounce a certain English word with Sayspel.
Mark Kellu
I feel that Saspel would be an invaluable tool to master traditional English skills, and it certainly an innovative and welcome approach to English language learning.
Lisa Amram
If everyone started to learn English with phonetics, the whole world would be perfectly bilingual.

London November 2008
The Language Show

Marta Maz
Great idea!
Paola Miari
Francisco Barras
En mi opinion, puede ser util para solucionar problemas puntuales en pronunciacion en palabras concretas cuando el sistema fonetico es complicado de comprender. Puede ser realmente util para principantes en el idioma, ninos en primeras etapas, los ruales no son capaces de entender los fonemas.Solves problems with pronounciation.
Alex Gosman
Wot a sooperb iideeyer!
Lynne Brackley
This is a radical approach to a problem which all of us have when we learn to write English. The majority of those who speak English now have it as an additional language and have to accept (and celebrate) the fakt that our language is always changing! We also speak in different dialects-why not try writing?
Richard Biddick
Most interesting and refreshing approach to our extremely complex language.
Carol Cuffie
Interested in exploring your new Sayspel pronounsing.
Susie Skinner
It looks like a revolutionary scheme – must make life easier!
Neimat Ishag
I really like it. It is very easy and useful.
The only way to learn a language is using the S.P.A.
Rosanna Worth
Excellent presentation of materials.
Mrs S. Worth
Very helpful demonstration. We will try this with our EAL students. Thank you!
Adam Vereb
The Sasspel spelling system is very useful, especially for these born in the UK as don’t have to learn the more complicated IPA which is helpful for non-native speakers. However, Sayspel is also advantageous for foreigners, because its system makes the learning process easier.
Sandra Grant
Excellent Idea!! I shall investigate and I wish you every success!!
Colin Smith
Very interesting. Thank you very much!
Andrea Ohlert
So many tried so many failed, see the German Rechtschreibreform!!
K. Copus
Fascinating –certainly interesting to raise children’s awareness to their own language land its diffi culties when we try and teach them a foreign language.
Jane Ohlert
Interesting but I would worry that students would have double the work, because at first point they will have to learn to use the correct spelling. Similar to text messaging spelling. Useful for dyslexic learners of English spelling.
Sophie Rogerson
Sayspel definetly simplifies spelling and I think it should get all the support it deservese- a lot!!!
Sonia Daiman
A child freindly alphabet. Lovely to see English language written as it should be: phonetically!
Dr. Linda Ulrich
Interesting! Can’t riali beleev it wurcs but I am wiling tu trii.
Margaret Brownie
I have been teaching English throughout my career. I am teaching English as a second language to people from 18 different countries. I am interested in the new system which will either make my life easier or do me out of a job!
Eva Lazaroucis
I think it is a good idea but it does not help to people in certain countries e.g. in Hungary. Because Hungarian alphabet is quite different 36 letters. And it would be difficult to memorize it for people who don’t understand languages.
Helen Heent
Great CD. Useful for the kids and adults.
Mirza Naveed Baig
I like the idea presented through ‘Sayspel’. I wish I could see it in practise soon to help the students coming out of a nightmare while learning vocabulary. Best luck to all the team of Sayspel.
Jia Liu
Very interesting idea concerning the English spelling. Keep trying and good luck!
Ben Hambidge
Useful as an initial learning tool. Practical as a reformed spelling system for multiple reasons, not least dialect differences and language change.
Ahmad Al Muhammat
I think that this kind of spelling will be easy for learners of English as a second or foreign language.
N. Leal
It’s a different way of approaching the teaching of the Enlish language. It helps you to see the way of speaking and writing in a new different way.
Jana Coles
This is a very interesting method of learning phonetics, well done!
Maximiliano Massoni
I found the efforts of Sayspel very admirable as I know how difficult it can be for foreigners or children to learn to pronounce this very messy language! Hopefully Sayspel will help me to improve my pronunciation so that I can speak a better English!
Jacquie Montgomery
Can’t wait to try it in school!!
Gerd Hogreve
It certainly simplifies the spelling and is very easy to read.
Peter Mudra
I find this really excellent – makes pronunciation more easy to understand!
Kathy Gilmour
Excellent development. Makes sense and quick to teach.
Simona Dvorackova
Very interesting concept! Good luck with pulling it through!
David Bowden
I feel that Sayspel has potential and i will be trying it out in my classes. The Sayspel Alphabet is a credible attempt at making a user-friendly phonetic alphabet for English language learners in my opinion. It appears to be simple and logical and easy to teach.

Prague November 2008

Sion Williams
Very intersting-keep up the good work
Jana Vitkova
Your method is very intersting for both, the private lessons and for simplifying lessons at schools, and also it seems to be funny for pupils who face problems with difference between spoken and written english. I wish you success and encourage you in implementing this method.
Tandem Saul
It is very intersting and has to be fun for children. We will ask parents of our little clients and let you know.
Nicola Robinsonova
Very nice to meet the team importantive. I hope we can work in partnership in the future.
Anncke Müller
It‘s amazing! It‘s revolution for all english students.
Yolanda de Karaba
El metodo de este idioma es muy bueno para personas como yo.
Barbora Holkova
Very intersting lecture; Sayspel might be useful for helping my students under stand reading english better (IPA is too complicated for them!).
Laurence Benjamin
Very interesting-good luck with good students!

Berlin November 2008

Nicole Tijeras-Oliver
Bonnes explications. Il fait un peu de temps … comprende le système. Mètho de certainement très utile en coms.
Interesting work! Potentially useful as a pronunciation guide for foreign English beginners. Good luck!
Petra Lau
Students have a lot of difficulties with the original transcription, so I hope your new transcription will help them to pronounce words they have never heard before e.g. in students reports.
Jennifer Krüger
Das ist genau die Art von Material, das ich für meine Schüler(innen) brauche.
Sigita Horosina
It is a revolutionary good idea!!!
Angelica Olea Cebrián
Buen trabajo!
Edgar Biebel
Das Produkt hat mich überzeugt.
Stefan Scherer
It sounds interesting!
Christine Reitz
Ich bin gespannt, ob es eine Hilfe ist, denn die Schüler haben im dadurch dann nicht die Rechtscheibung vernachlässigen. Ich werde es ausprobieren!
Olga Meske
Machen Sie weiter! Viel Glück!
Markus Klie
Sehr hilfreich! Vor allem, dass das traditionelle Englisch und die Lautschrift immer nebeneinander gelernt werden. Viel Erfolg!
R. Gensch
Sayspel ist eine höchst aktuelle Revolutionierung der englischen Schreibeweise. Sie steht seit Shakespeare eigentlich auf der Tagesordnung. Endlich haben sich Engländer dazu aufgerafft zu versuchen, so zu schreiben wie sie sprechen.
What a great idea!
Dr. Bruno von Lutze
Great idea! Might internationalize English even further.
Gesine Acker
I think Sayspel is very helpful and makes pronouncing the English language easier.
Hanna Runge
Great system, very clever!
G. Yoeli-Rimmer
It’s a good idea! Very interesting.
Martial Philippi
Votre programme est formidable!
Susanne Mueller
Very interesting, have to think about it.
Sehr interessant. Zeichen einfacher zu erfassen als übliche Aussprachesymbole. Schnelles Lernen möglich.
Elena Khasman
Vom 1. Blick kommt mir diese Methode sehr interessant vor.
Kevin Hasmann
It sounds great!
Daniela Günther
Excellent idea! This new pronunciation fonetic spelling will revolutionise English learning!
Mirjam Funk
Even I’m not fully convinced of the advantages the approach seems worth trying in class.

Frankfurter Buchmesse 2009

Aaron Bethell   
This is the future!!
Joana Seitz
Finde ich sehr gut!
Claudia Stollberg
1) Überzeugendes Konzept, unter der Bedingung, dass es eine möglichst flächendeckende Integration in Lehrwerte und Übungshefte findet. 2) es müsste noch mehr empirische Studien und theoretische Untermauerung haben, um im fachdidaktischen Diskurs wahrgenommen zu werden.
Wilson Lovester
Allow me to congratulate you on your marvelous linguistic discovery! I find your method very logical and easy to master. I dare say that I could do in just 2 weeks, using your system what would take 2 months using traditional methods. Best wishes for future success!!
Sophie Mettang
Da ich Grund- und Hauptschullehramt studiere und wir Vorlesungen für English in der Grundschule besuchen, war mir Sayspel ein Begriff. Hier wurde mir die Methode sehr gut erklärt. Ich denke es ist sicherlich eine interessante Methode, die man in Schulen einführen sollte!!!
P. Maier
Gute Idee! Wortschatz sollte erweitert werden sowie der Aufbauwortschatz und der Fachwortschatz (stud.).
Klaus Gellrich   
May help to get more people to read and write, and more people will end and finish the school.
N. Täuber
Ich finde dieses Program sehr hilfreich da die Aussprache der Wörter viel besser erlernt werden kann.
K. Abel
Sehr interessant zur Unterstützung der Eltern, wenn sie die Sprache selber nicht können, aber mit ihren Kindern lernen möchten.
Carola Schreier
Ich denke, dass gerade jüngere Englishlehrer oder Anfänger dieses System einfacher erlernen als das I.P.A. und ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass sich das wirklich dursetzen kann.
Öguz K.
I think it is good to work on new techniques in the field of language learning. Here it‘s about learning English and therefor very interesting for me as an English teacher! Keep going on!
Marcel Lotz       
Das System ist sehr interessant um in kurzer Zeit English zu erlernen. Vor allem für junge und ältere Menschen ist das System einfach und selbsterklärend. Ein guter Einstieg in die Sprache.
A. Deitmund     
Just stumbled over this and found it an very interesting approach; good luck for your idea and all your efforts!
C. Brungs
Gute Idee vor allem für den Einstieg in den Englishunterricht.
C. Binkmann     
I prefer the IPA but Sayspel is an good alternative!
Rick Brummer
The Sayspel concept definitely is an option to motivate newcomers to the language and perhaps prompt their interest in learning English.
Kevin Pike
Initally sceptical but would be swayed.
S. Hong
Really interesting! I want to see how it works to korean students.
Vidya Nair
Very interesting!
W. Nacke
Very useful, it looks so, i am dealing with youngsters who are apprendices and will otherwise have no chance on the 1st labour market.
A. Grossmann  
This truely overdue! Students all over the planet will love it and with the world wide web and its innovative community this might even work. Best luck!
F. Schellbusch  
Ich bin Englischlehrerin an einer Realschule in NRW u. weiß um die Schwierigkeiten bei Lernanfängern mit der Fremdsprache Englisch. Mit Begeisterung werde ich dieses neue phonetische System sofort nach den Ferien ausprobieren und Ihnen be  richten. THANKS!
Elke Lang
Sehr interessante Alternative auch ein guter Weg für Erwachsene zum Umgewöhnen.

It‘s a very good idea to teach with this new method to learn the right pronounciation, above all it lighter for children to learn the right spelling of a language. I hope it will go in the German schools!

H. Duda
Das Sayspel poster‘best wurld english‘ finde ich echt super gut und lehrreich.
Uwe Heine
Für die unteren Klassenstufen ein guter Weg einfacher Englisch zu lernen. Die Diskrepanz zwischen Schreibung und Aussprache wird aufgehoben-einfach gut!!
Sandra Maier   
Eine tolle Idee Kinder die englische Aussprache zu vermitteln. Ich finde für Grundschulen eine ganz tolle Erreicherung im Unterricht. Bei unserer Grundschule mit ca.100 Kinder würde ich sehr gerne ihr System vorstellen.
Maria Weber
Interesting to test it with beginners or handicapped learners.

Frankfurter Buchmesse 2010

Michael Smith
It is imperative to promote literacy amongst children especially and new approach and motivation are essential to achieve literacy and the help of the education system
Ich finde es super, weil man vieles damit lernen kann, vor allem für kleine Kinder.
Monika Bopp
Sehr gute Erkläung und gute Vorstellung-nett und kompetent.
F. Mohanjerani
Die Produkte, besonders die Software habe ich sehr interessant gefunden.
Rebekka Movahed
Very useful to learn in an easy way.
Ich finde Sayspel gut, da man in der Schule für gewöhnlich die Lautschrift nicht lernt.
Ana Ballermann
El libro es increible! Todos puedes hablar ahora el ingles perfectamnete.
Amira El Sayed          
Ich finde dieses System sehr gut, da man die Englische Aussprache dadurch viel leichter lernen kann.
I am a teacher of children who have dyslexia. Sayspel would help them very much
I ttinc that Sayspel wil help th cidz.
Ich finde Sayspel gut weil english in der Schule nur überflogen wird.
spielerisch und fantasievoll, anregendes Lernen von Fremdsprachen , gut für Kinder.
Sofia Magaliou           
Als Linguist-Studentin finde ich es eine tolle Sache, phonetische Interpretationen spielerisch und einfach an Kinder zu bringen.
Leonie Becker            
Ich finde es eine gute idee.
Man kann sehr gut English lernen wenn man Anfänger ist.
Zorica Fritzen            
Finde Sasspel sehr gut
Mir gefällt Sayspel.
Kenne das system aus Asien und es erleichtert ungemein das Erlernen! Danke!
Izabelle Koch             
Super Idee, ideal für Anfänger einer Sprache.
Ich finde es seh hilfreich und sehr einfach gemacht bzw. verständlich.
Ich finde das eine geniale Idee. Es würde in jede Klassenstufe reinpassen.
Emilia Beutel              
Macht bestimmt Spaß und ein leichteres Erlernen des Vokabulars.
M. Wietschorkeq        
Lustig, motivierend für Kinder.
It is a truly revolutionary idea to make life easier-go ahead with Sayspel.
I would like to contact you with an English school for foreign students in Warsaw-Poland.
Kim Yong Hee            
I want more information of your program.
Nicole Ehlert              
Easy to read, easy to learn, easy to practice and a good possibility for every stage of learning.
Anke Cherdron          
Easy to understand for communication between people all over the world.
Olaf Dörr                   
Eine sehr interessante Idee, ich bin gespannt wie es sich entwickelt.
Robert Clarinc           
This way of spelling will make it easier for our customers to understand our publications.
Jonke Suhr                 
Sayspel erscheint mir als eine einfach zu lernende und schnell verfügbare alternative zur traditionellen Lautschrift.
Stefanie Weber
Good information, we will check it out online to find more about it. Thank you!
Valerie Gulotta          
Great system to learn to understand speak, and write the english language. It is interesting to learn a new system that is comparible to the phonetic system, which I found difficult to teach.
Bitte auch noch andere Sprachen anbieten wie (griechisch oder andere kyrillische Sprachen.
Hanna Marin              
Sehr empfehlenswert für Grundschulkinder, leiteres Verständmis-Ich finde es Klasse!!
This concept is perfect for helping children learn English.
Zita Bergamin            
It seems quite easy to be used and I would like to try it with my students.
wonderful system.Would have to see it invoked wurldwide, from our global experience.
Martha Ergo              
Sayspel has a very easy system to learn phonetic.
Kristine Mankel         
I like this new orttografi! I think it is very useful to teach young children to write and read. We would need a simpler orttografi in Germany too!

Language Show London 2010

Maria R. Benitez          I am a teacher and am interested in working with this system. Thank you very much.
Helen Dennison           Interested in potential use as volunteer in Surrey schools where pupils first language is not English and may not have a reading/writing heritage.
James Murphy             Very interesting and practical approach to solving the problem of be spoken language not keeping pace with the written version.
Anthony Austin           The adoption of a new system would remove complication from a increasingly complex world
Noel Dolans  Sayspel really looks interesting, in fact I like it!
Ana Prem                    Es una buena oportunidad para aprender una lengua. It is a good chance to learn a language in an easier way.
Matilde Persalver       I think this teaching method will make a pronounciation a lot easier for students as most of the times they feel very frustrated because they don’t understand the spelling rules. The students will feel more motivated to practice English.
Nicki Burridge             It’s a really good system-not just for children but for all students of  English as a foreign language as pronouciation can really hinder students and reduce their confidence.
Fei  Sayspel is very interesting and is a very helpful pronouncing system for English learners.
Roberto Nicora           I would love to try this new method with my EAL students. I believe it would be a good tool for EAL students.
J.Nissen                       I like this system and I hope you are successful with introducing it to teachers. It is very new and I think not only good for children but also for older students who are learning English.
L. Abibe I like the Sayspel CD!!
M.Minich                     Fonetik speling wud du much gud not onli tu forin langwij lurnurz but olso tu Inglish scuulchildren-I am shur it wud ridyuz dislecsia raats nd jeneruli impruuv thu fiiling of suces at scuul.
Lydia Kwoba               Teacher training in countries where English is a second language need to review the tools of language teaching that teachers in English have.
K.Parker                     Interested in receiving more information about job opportunities in either the UK or Germany.
S.Stack                        It would be actually be very effective in Simplifying pronunciation and spelling for students young and old.
P.Solakova                  Let’s make English writing spelling easier!!!
A.Husar                       Excellent books  to learn English.
Anna Rioland  This is an original and creative system for phonetic learning.
Alice Vitzikam Good invention that will probably help children with difficulties to write/spell English. A brilliant tool to teach foreign languages.
F.Dolder                     Amazing for foreign language students learning English.
Raisa Desmond           The stand was very informative. I hope you will have courses in England.
Vicky Rowe                 Extraordinarily interesting!
C. Koparaliotis           Sayspel can potentially help students with learn difficulties.
Kaisa Lozinska            I think Sayspel is a great idea which will definitely modernise English language learning and teaching.
U.Teakins                    Fascinating idea! Could help a lot in Europe. Informative and enthusiastic, It made it worth while coming.
Zaida Florian              I want to find out more of this way of learning a new language. for what I have seen it is very practical and easy to learn. Thanks!
Chris Stanley              Roy, I wish you all the success possible. I will try to promote your system!
Anna Freitas Sayspel will help me to teach English in primary schools.

Expolingua Berlin 2010

Louise Debatin If english spelling would change to Sayspel, the world would be a happier place!
Kitty Lange            I like Sayspel and I study medicine.
Johanne Seitz Sehr gut erklärt, unbedingt an Schulen weitergeben.
Michael Siebert A very nice idea to help (especially germans) pronouncing the english language. It reduces confusion and is able to be understood and spoken just after reading-Good job!
Anna Makowska I find it very essential to teach the phonetic language simultaneously.
Ute Spranger Es una buena oportunidad para aprender una lengua. It is a good chance to learn a language in an easier way.
Ulrike Glond I think Sayspel is a very good tool for people who begin to learn English.
Noemi Argenich Revolutionary and good idea to help the world with English pronounciation and writing. I am a teacher and I think one should help students and not make their lives more complicated then they already are.
Viktor Schauer Especially in Germany many people want to learn English but can’t understand how to write or to pronounce it.
Daniela Thank you for introducing the SPA! I will definitely try to learn it!
Xinogun Ram This is a new method of learning English and it is very good and interesting.
Especially good for children.
Stephanie Kohl                Sayspel-language is a great opportunity for learning English-pronounciation and probably not only for English.
Heidi Bekjoden                     A very nice way to learn english, a good concept! I hope you will reach many people with Sayspel.
Anja Teichmann Ich finde die Idee echt toll!
Nihna Middleton I think Sayspel is a very good idea to help people to learn English and spelling.
Artur Beining I am very impressed (teacher at a Gymnasium in Berlin)!!!
A.Husar                Excellent books  to learn English.
Kerstin Heseler Sayspel is a good and easy way to get into the language. This is an original and creative system for phonetic learning.
Petra Proczawkova Simple fantastic!
Nadine Jahnke Sayspel is a better tool, easier to learn.
Kristin Hoffmann I would say it is quite a good idea to make the world language easier to learn for foreigner as well as for native speakers.
Ameliya Stefanova           I think it is easy and amusing teaching phonetics in a new way with Sayspel. I will teach next week with this new and simple phonetic system Sayspel. Thank you and best regards!!
Livia Marinho Ev gostaria deelogiar este projecto e dizer que estoy achando esta inicativa maravilhosa. A vida tem que ser mais practica e aprender ingles pode tambien ser assim! Agradeco.
Meggy Trkittke This should be law!
Miriam Bühn Ich hoffe meine Kinder lernen Saaaspel lautschrift SPA!
Geraldine Weck Ich denke dass das Pojekt sehr viel bringen wird. Vor allem in Großstädten wie Berlin wären Sayspelkurse von Vorteil.
Lisa Gerbrecht       Finde das Projekt sehr gut durchdacht und eine gute Methode.
Tatajana Scholich This system is the first step in the spelling reform of english language which is overdue. i wish you much success. Don’t give up!

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