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TS. SPA. IPA. DE. Spelling

Apart from safe drinking water, food and medicine, there is hardly a greater need towards improving living standards among the poor populations of Africa, Latin America, and other countries, than an easy to teach, easy to learn English.

From emergency measures in disaster areas, to long term planning to reverse global warming, reliable communication between countries in a common language is essential if the world it is to unite and succeed!

Over recent years an incisive revision of English spelling has been developed by our international Sayspel team, in the form of books, a CD and website. www.sayspel.com. which include excellent references from professionals, indicating that this project is clearly ahead of comparable spelling reform proposals.

I would respectfully ask you to review the Sayspel brochure enclosed and inform me if the project is of interest to you.

The initial contents of the Sayspel brochure are in English plus a proportion of German to assist German students to develop their English vocabulary more quickly. The same will apply to other languages over the forthcoming weeks, following resonance from the NATE conference in July 2010 in Leicester England.

We wish to fulfil our obligation to promote a truly universal English Orthography without destroying the general appearance of the English alphabet and without disturbing common English pronunciation.

Initial financing is not a problem, whereas the project does need persons of higher status, to convince others in key, governmental, educational, and humanitarian positions of the enormous potential of a simplified English spelling system in the Sayspel style.